Frequently Asked Questions


Ok I booked the tour, where do I go to get picked up?

Our tours pick up right in front of Union Station in downtown Denver.  Further details will be provided upon purchase!

Does the tour run in snow? Rain?

Our tours are rain or shine, please check the weather before leaving for your tour and pack accordingly! In the event we need to cancel a tour due to extreme weather we will contact you and you will be given an opportunity to reschedule or receive a full refund.

If I’m under 21, can I come with my parent or guardian?

Sorry! All of our tours are strictly 21 and over.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is based on how far out from your tour you are requesting a cancellation:

7+ calendar days: 100% refund
2-6 calendar days: 50% refund
Within 48 hours: No refunds

In the extremely rare case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, you will be fully refunded or given the chance to reschedule. In the event you need to move your booking to another scheduled tour we will be able to accommodate rescheduling based on availability.

Do you provide any cannabis products as part of the tour?

Lighthouse Cannabis Project does not sell, distribute, give away, or offer “free samples” of any cannabis products.  However, our tour stops at one of the top dispensaries in the world, and we are confident they will be able to provide you with whatever products you are looking for. As a LCP tour guest you will also enjoy exclusive discounts on all purchases.

Well, if you aren’t going to provide cannabis, do you at least provide smoking devices during the tour?

Keep your apples and coke cans at home. Our guides will provide an array of top-quality, clean smoking devices for you to use on the tour vehicle during our smoking-permitted tours.

What is the capacity of a group tour? What about a private tour?

Our group tours are kept small to ensure a more personal experience and on our regularly scheduled tours the capacity is 12.  For private tours generally the capacity is the same but we can sometimes accommodate larger parties. Please inquire directly for information about larger group private tours.

Can I take a tour on a day other than Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

Private tours are available on other days than Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, please contact us for more info!

Is there a discount if I purchase multiple tour passes?

No, unfortunately we do not offer a multiple purchase discount.  If you are looking to book a tour for a large group please reach out and it may make more sense for you to do a private tour.

What does it mean when you say, “all tours are VIP”?

We keep our tours small to ensure that everyone gets an intimate, engaging experience.  LCP is an initiative of CID Entertainment, one of the nation’s leading providers of VIP experiences for concerts and festivals, so we know how to create unforgettable seamless experiences. We also use top of the line vehicles, knowledgeable guides, and visit one of the top dispensaries in the world

Smoking cannabis on the vehicle? Are you sure that’s legal?

Yes. The back of a private vehicle, with a partition between the driver, is one of the few places besides your own home that cannabis consumption is allowed in Colorado. Please refer to the City of Denver’s website for more info.

Will I be able to touch the plants?

Unfortunately we cannot allow you to touch the plants in the grow facility for sanitary reasons, but you will get an up close look at them. We also offer a “please touch” station in the grow that includes some plant material as well as some interesting items used in the growing process.

I live in Colorado and want to learn how to grow my own cannabis at home, is this the tour for me?

Our Seed to Sale tour is very much an introductory level tour as far as growing goes.  The growers at the facility are sometimes able to answer more in depth questions about cultivation if they are available. If you have a specific question about anything please reach out ahead of your tour and we will have your question answered by the time you arrive!

Can I take photos on the garden tour?

There are no personal photos allowed during the garden tour.  However, we will take a professional photo of you and your group during the garden tour, with the nicest looking plants available as your backdrop.  Photos are allowed on the tour vehicle and certainly at the vista view stop.

Why do we have to wear protective suits to enter the facility?

Similar to a food processing plant, cannabis facilities are very conscious of keeping a clean environment.  Wearing a protective suit helps to keep the garden clean.  The suits we use are the lightest available and we offer them in sizes Small-XXL.

Are there limits to what we can purchase in the dispensary?

Colorado state law permits out of state visitors to purchase up to ¼ oz. of cannabis. For more information on Denver’s marijuana laws please refer to the official city of Denver website.  If you are a Colorado resident you may purchase up to 1 oz.

I don’t want to smoke or want to be around people smoking, would I enjoy the tour?

Absolutely!! Our non-smoking tours are designed for people that are interested in getting a first hand look at the ins and outs of Colorado’s cannabis industry but don’t necessarily want to consume cannabis.

Why on earth did you call your company Lighthouse Cannabis Project?

Throughout history, the lighthouse has been a symbol of guidance especially when navigating to a new shore, which we think matches up perfectly with our mission here at LCP