Lighthouse Cannabis Project’s group sightseeing tours offer a unique opportunity to familiarize yourself with Colorado’s legal cannabis industry in an educational and professional setting.

Non-Smoking Seed To Sale Tour

(Every Saturday and Sunday at 10am)

Smoking Seed To Sale Tour

(Every Saturday and Sunday at 1:30pm)

Our group cannabis tours are just $64 per person

Group tours are $64 per person

A great fun afternoon activity!

2 hour tour runs every Saturday and Sunday at multiple departure times

All guests must be 21+

All tour guests must be 21+ with valid identification

A better cannabis tour experience awaits!

All tours are kept small to ensure a VIP experience

Education focus, not consumption focused

Learn about cannabis history, production and use

Sit back and relax, we'll do the driving!

Roundtrip transportation from downtown Denver to a state of the art grow facility*, including a stop at one of the most scenic vista views in the city

Photos of you with cannabis plants!

During your “garden tour”, we’ll take a professional photo of your group with fully mature plants

Enjoy a great discount at the dispensary

Exit via the “gift shop” for a curated dispensary experience and learn about the many different cannabis products available on the market

Keeper1“Seed to Sale” is our flagship 2 hour tour, covering a wide range of topics including history of cannabis use, the rise of prohibition, legalization movements, cannabis manufacturing and current issues facing the industry. Hop aboard our luxury tour vehicle and enjoy a crash course on cannabis that includes a guided tour INSIDE a licensed grow facility, as well as a curated dispensary experience.

“Seed to Sale” tours are offered in both smoking (cannabis only) and non-smoking versions to provide comfortable environments for non-users as well as folks looking to partake in legal recreational cannabis use.

*In order to maintain a sanitary environment, all guests will be required to wear a lightweight disposable protective suit during the tour of the grow facility. We will provide you with your own, brand new suit that you will get to take home as a souvenir!

Exclusive dispensary discounts available to all Lighthouse Cannabis Tour guests.
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